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Examples - Person Search API


Your RapidAPI hub provides code samples in Python, cURL, Ruby, Go and JavaScript. If you aren't comfortable working in any of these languages, feel free to use go directly to our Rapid API portal to find other languages of your choice.

Our Rapid API portal provides examples for the following languages:

  • C (Libcurl)
  • Clojure (clj-http)
  • C# (HttpClient, RestSharp)
  • Http (Http/1.1)
  • Java (AyncHttp,, OKHttp, Unirest)
  • Javascript (XmlHttpRequest, Axios, fetch, JQuery)
  • Kotlin (OKHttp)
  • Node.js (Http, Request)
  • Objective-C (NSurlSession)



"I have a client that needs work email addresses for all marketing managers and dishwashers in Oregon. They want to reach out to them on LinkedIn, so they asked that each candidate have a LinkedIn URL. I want as many people as LeadHootz can give me matching this criteria."

api/personsearch?emailTypeId=1&positionList=marketing manager|dishwasher&locationlist=Oregon:United States



"I want to sell yachts or porsche's to rich people through ads on Facebook."


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