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Person Enrich

The Person Enrich API gives you access to individual profiles in our full Person Dataset, you provide a LinkedIn profileUrl, an email, X or Facebook Id and in return you will receive a full record from our Person Dataset.

What does it do?

GET /personenrich/

Cost: 1 credit / 1 match

Finds the best single profile in LeadHootz's dataset that matches certain identifying attributes.

When would I use it?

I have: Identifying information about a person

I want: I want know more about them

For e.g. I have a job candidate's email.  I want to get a clearer picture of their work history.

What's Next

Please check out the following pages for more information on the Person Enrich API:

Quickstart A quick hands-on introduction to the API with simple code examples.
Reference Detailed descriptions of the technical specifications and usage constraints.
Input Parameters In-depth explanations of the input parameters that the API supports.
Output Response In-depth explanations of the output response object that the API returns.
Examples A collection of functional code examples and walkthroughs that illustrate various use cases and applications of the API.
FAQs Answers to commonly asked questions and other good-to-know information.
Preview Search API A supporting functionality to preview which fields have non-null data for a particular search.

Need an API Key?

If you don't have an API key, you can easily create one by signing up for a self-serve account. For more information, check out our Quickstart Guide, which walks you through the sign-up process as well as shows you how to use the self-serve API dashboard.

Want a simpler way to get the data?

If you don't want the hassle of integrating our API.  Why not just use our "pay as you go" list builder wizard.

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