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Data Types

Details about how data is formatted in LeadHootz response objects

The Schema pages contain every available field for each dataset. Each field has a listed type. This page includes additional details about the supported data types.

No Data

Every response object will contain every field listed in the Schema page that the customer has paid for.

If we do not have data for a field, its value will be null unless the field is an Array type, in which case its value will be an empty list [].


Unless otherwise stated in the Schema page for a field, all strings will be lowercase with all leading or trailing whitespace removed.

Enums // Canonical Values

Some fields have a specific set of known values. In the Schema pages, these fields will be marked as type Enum with a link to their known value sets. We call these known values "Canonical Field Values." For more information about Canonical Values or to see the value lists, see this page:


Dates can be accurate to the day (YYYY-MM-DD), the month (YYYY-MM) or the year (YYYY). The most specific date value that we have for a field will be used.

Phone Numbers

All phone numbers will be in in E164 format with a leading + and country code. For example, "+15558675309".


Unless otherwise stated in the Schema page for a field, all currency values are in USD.



We match locations using a strict/fuzzy logic. Our goal is match as many locations as possible to our Location Data entity, linking them based on To tap into our location matching logic, use our Location Cleaner API or retrieve possible location values using our Autocomplete API.


We standardize addresses in the US and Canada using a home-built address parser. We do not conform to any standards such as CASS (which also means that we may have invalid addresses in the data), although we try to imitate them as much as possible.

Common Location Fields

We break location data into the following fields. These names are used throughout our data to refer to location information.

name String Our cleaned values for locations in the format locality, region, country.
locality String  
region String  
metro Enum (String) US ONLY. These are generated based on the census-designated MSAs and maps. Will be one of our Canonical Metros.
country Enum (String) Standardized format for country. Will be one of our Canonical Countries.
continent Enum (String) Standardized format for continent. Will be one of our Canonical Continents.
street_address String  
address_line_2 String  
postal_code String  
geo String City-center geo code of a locality, in the format latitude, longitude.


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