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They're lots of reasons why a prospects email can bounce.  Change of job, full mailbox or firewall issues can all play a part in a bounced email.  LeadHootz attempts to mitigate this by flagging bouncing emails so that future prospects searches aren't retrieved.  The good news is that LeadHootz constantly updates all contact data so that this becomes an exception.

Branded providers (including the custom option) that allow LeadHootz to access your mailbox provide several advantages over third party providers such as SendGrid or Mailgun.  The primary advantages include:

1) No restrictions or compliance required as asserted by third party providers such as SendGrid or Mailgun.  For e.g. you don't have to provide opt-in details, privacy links and the source of your prospect data.

2) LeadHootz can send emails that allow reporting integration.  These integrations allow schedules to be updated via emails.  This is necessary if your a marketing company providing a white labelled reporting to your clients.

3) Emails sent from your own inbox can look more authentic.

Third party providers are provide several advantages as opposed to brander providers:

1) Third party providers have better algorithms for detecting and sending emails through company firewalls.

2) Don't have a send limit.  Necessary if you plan to do bulk email marketing.

3) The dashboard and reporting for third party providers are more comprehensive.

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