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Templates, a complete end to end solution!

Ask anybody involved in marketing and they will tell you that getting a lead generation strategy right, first time around is unlikely.  Even with A/B testing, regular customer reviews and advanced AI there's nothing as unpredictable as human beings, particularly when it comes to finding a reliable and regular set of outcomes.

In the past, this has usually resulted in a trial and error style marketing, finger in the air approaches that are no fun for the cold caller, marketer or prospect.  Spam emails, cold calls and unsolicited engagements, something that should've been relegated to the past are still the adopted by lazy marketing departments and social media companies world wide. 

What if?

  • What if we could develop a set of templates used by thousands of lead generators that have a proven and predictable response rate?

  • What if we could provide metrics against all of those responses?

  • What if we could come up with a tool that could systematically implement those templates across all of the best social platforms, mailboxes and SMS apps?

Even if that was possible, how would it work?

Well the first thing you're probably thinking is how would using the same messaging work across thousands of the same prospects?  Surely, since I mentioned above how spam and other unsolicited engagements are just detrimental for everyone. 

The secret is in how these templates are constructed.  Using our advanced synonym tool, templates can created in such a way that no message ever need to be the same.  Additionally, this synonym based approach combined with how we segregate the responses feeds back into the loop, giving us the ability to easily identify best practices and trends over time.

You say it's an end to end solution, what's the catch.

Well, there is a slight catch.  For some templates, there are personalisation points.  These are mentioned on the commercial template page before you attempt the download.  In some cases you might be required to provide a special offer, call to action or a unique selling point.  If you're a recruiter you will need to provided a job description.  Most templates will as a minimal require you to provide a signature or a sign-off message.  

These additional personalisation's are added when you install the template.

How do you know which templates work?

Every user of our template also consents to allowing the raw and anonymous responses to be uploaded to our cloud service.  This service is accessed by this website, or more precisely the commercial templates page.  This data can be viewed directly alongside each one of the provided templates.

What if the template on the commercial templates page don't provide what I need?

It's important to note that the leads being presented are representative of a single LeadHootz account.  If you want more leads, then you can multiply the provided metrics by employing multiple accounts.  Ultimately, you have the advantage of knowing beforehand what to expect based entirely on the results of other using the same template.  

How do I take advantage of the sales intel your service provides? 

All of the templates being used are categorised and downloadable on our commercial templates page.  You will still need to download the LeadHootz app to use them.

What if I want to create my own templates?

You can create your own proprietary company templates using the template manager.  In fact, all commercial templates on the templates page are produced using the same tool. 

Creating your own templates is a great way to enforce compliance across your marketing team, generate a systematic and predictable sales funnel and segregate all of those responses into a single uniform report.

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