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Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your LeadHootz subscription anytime.  You can re-subscribe later on.  If, your social media account has been blocked but you would like to replace and keep the existing subscription you can simply replace the settings for the blocked account in Account > Edit.  Once you change the login and password, you will need to re-authenticate for LeadHootz to integrate your new account.

Another option is to switch subscriptions.  For e.g. if your account has been blocked or you not longer wish to use it, you can switch the license to another account that doesn't currently have an assigned license.  By transferring the license to another account (must be in an unsubscribed state) will disable the currently assigned account.

Get access to all of your Stripe subscriptions

The Hosted Invoice Page provides a secure, private URL where you can:

  • View the details, amounts, and status of the invoice.
  • Pay the invoice using any of the enabled payment methods.
  • Download PDF copies of the invoice and receipt.

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