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The Location API is perfect for finding mapping LinkedIn GeoUrn (also Bing) location codes to real location strings.


The endpoint for the the Locatoin API is

Location API Access and Billing

We charge per request (not amount of locations returned). A single request may contain up to 7 GeoUrn codes.


See Authentication and Requests to learn how to input requests. We recommend using a JSON object to capture request parameters and will do so in the examples.

Rate Limiting

The current default rate limit is 10 requests per minute.

Input Parameters


You can use the following parameters to specify information on a location. 

All query parameters listed below are optional.

You can also click on the individual parameter names in the table below to view more information on them.

id The location/s name "London, England, United Kingdom"
id The id or code that LinkedIn uses to identify locations. 102257491
Your secret API key.

Note: You can also provide this in the request header 


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