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Example Person Record

        "title": "Mr",
        "name": "John",
        "surname": "Covert",
        "domain": null,
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "linkedIn": "johncovert",
        "twitter": null,
        "industryId": 73,
        "industries": null,
        "pastCompany": "Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox",
        "school": null,
        "profileLanguage": null,
        "serviceCategories": null,
        "locality": "Washington, District Of Columbia, United States",
        "cityId": 82449,
        "cities": {
            "name": "Washington",
            "countryId": 239,
            "countries": null,
            "regionId": 314,
            "regions": null,
            "id": 82449,
            "createdAt": "2022-11-12T02:21:01.3609847"
        "street": "1100 new york avenue northwest",
        "countryId": 239,
        "position": "Director",
        "gender": "male",
        "birthDate": null,
        "experience": "Patent Examiner, Director, Biotech And Chemical Practice Group Leader, Director",
        "workEmail": "[email protected]",
        "facebookId": "1549484302",
        "facebookUsername": "john.covert.33",
        "inferredSalary": "150,000-250,000",
        "inferredYearsExperience": 32,
        "locationGeo": "38.89,-77.03",
        "language": "[]",
        "phone": "+17037952546",
        "mobile": null,
        "summary": "I am a director and co-chair of Sterne Kessler’s Biotechnology & Chemical Practice Group.",
        "skills": "Patents, Patent Prosecution, Intellectual Property, Due Diligence.
        "linkedInConnections": 915,
        "dataSourceType": 4,
        "whenUpdated": "2023-03-02T22:13:23.8033333",
        "companyId": 792519,
        "positionId": 10576,
        "id": 23768484,
        "createdAt": "2021-08-15T08:35:46.349448"

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