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Limited Introductory Offer!

Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn and Email Marketing with our exclusive but limited introductory offer!

Designed specifically for businesses eager to amplify their marketing efforts, our service is a cost-effective gateway to the world of digital outreach.

Imagine having a direct line to 1,000 potential clients daily, complete with verified emails and LinkedIn IDs, all delivered straight to your potential customers. With our managed service, you can bypass the steep learning curve and hefty costs associated with new software and cloud services. Our expert team handles every detail, from data verification to delivery, ensuring a smooth and effortless integration into your existing sales process.

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to fuel your sales pipeline with high-quality leads and watch your business thrive. Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on closing deals and expanding your market reach. Get started today and experience the difference a professional LinkedIn and Email marketing strategy can make!

We ensure the precision of our emails by utilizing the same search parameters that are found on LinkedIn.  Even further, our search algorithms can even take a regular LinkedIn search URL and convert it to a query that our database of emails can understand.  You can try an example of this on our page data services

Our service is meticulously equipped with a wealth of crucial data points to ensure ultra-personalized engagement. Beyond the standard name and surname salutations, we delve deeper, incorporating details like company name, job title, and even connection count to add a uniquely personal touch to each interaction. This level of customization is what sets our engagements apart, making every communication feel special and directly tailored to the individual.

Our platform is compatible with both SendGrid and Mailgun, two of the industry's leading mailer platforms. By integrating your domain DNS registrar with either of these robust services, we empower you to dispatch emails that carry your preferred domain, ensuring a seamless and professional communication experience.

Absolutely, we have a comprehensive suite of strategies in place to effectively warm up your domain, ensuring it's primed for high-volume email sending. This preparatory phase is crucial to establish a solid sender reputation and to avoid any deliverability issues.

Our warming process involves gradually increasing the volume of emails sent from your domain, starting with a small number and incrementally scaling up. During this period, we engage with a variety of factors such as sending frequency, recipient engagement, and content relevance to boost your domain's credibility.

We also monitor feedback loops and analyze performance metrics to fine-tune our approach, guaranteeing that by the time your domain is ready to handle the full load of emails, it has a robust reputation that ensures high deliverability and open rates.

By the time we reach the full capacity of sending, your domain will not only be recognized as a trustworthy source by email service providers but also by the recipients, paving the way for successful and effective email campaigns. Trust our expertise to warm up your domain with precision and care, setting the stage for your email outreach to make a powerful impact.

Certainly, our commitment to the integrity and success of your email campaign extends to the meticulous verification of each email's deliverability. We employ a variety of reputable platforms designed specifically for this purpose. This multi-layered verification process is not just about safeguarding your domain from being blacklisted; it's about ensuring that every email reaches its intended recipient.

By meticulously checking each email address before sending, we significantly reduce bounce rates and enhance the overall health of your email list. This proactive approach not only protects your domain's reputation but also bolsters the long-term effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

A well-maintained domain is synonymous with reliability in the eyes of email service providers, which translates to better inbox placement and higher engagement rates. Our thorough verification strategy is the backbone of a robust campaign, laying the groundwork for sustained success and a growing relationship with your audience.

Absolutely, our email campaigns are meticulously designed to be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This commitment to data protection and privacy standards is at the core of our operations.

We ensure that every email sent respects the privacy and preferences of the recipients. Our processes are transparent, providing clear information on how data is collected, used, and protected. 

Moreover, our GDPR compliance extends to providing easy options for recipients to unsubscribe and manage their data preferences. This not only aligns with legal requirements but also builds trust with your audience, showing that we value and protect their privacy.

By choosing our service, you're not just getting an effective marketing solution; you're also getting the peace of mind that comes with knowing your campaign upholds the highest standards of data protection. Let us handle the complexities of GDPR compliance, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

Sending a sequence of up to seven emails before expecting a sale is crucial due to the concept of multiple touchpoints in the sales process. Here's why it's important:

1. Building Familiarity: Repeated exposure to your brand and message helps build familiarity. This is essential because prospects are more likely to purchase from brands they recognize and trust

2. Increasing Response Rates: Statistics suggest that response rates improve with each outreach attempt. It often takes several touchpoints before a prospect responds, and the optimal number of touchpoints is often around seven to eight

3. Providing Value Over Time: Each email in the sequence is an opportunity to provide value in a new way, whether through tips, insights, or relevant content. This approach demonstrates your commitment to the prospect's needs and interests

4. Enhancing Engagement: A well-planned sequence of emails can keep the prospect engaged over time, making them more receptive to your final call-to-action

5. Understanding Prospect Needs: Multiple emails allow you to cover different aspects of your offer, which helps you understand what resonates with your prospects and tailor your approach accordingly

1. Avoiding the Law of Diminishing Returns: While it's important to reach out multiple times, there's a point where additional touchpoints do not significantly increase effectiveness. Sticking to a sequence of up to seven emails helps avoid over-saturation

2. Adapting to Buyer's Journey: Prospects are at different stages of the buyer's journey. A sequence allows you to guide them through the awareness, consideration, and decision stages effectively

In summary, a sequence of emails respects the prospect's decision-making process and nurtures the relationship, increasing the likelihood of a sale without overwhelming the prospect. It's a strategic approach that balances persistence with patience, ultimately leading to better sales outcomes.

1000 targeted and personalised emails per day (30k per month).

By dispatching 1,000 emails daily, you're not just keeping pace with industry giants—you're actively contending in the big leagues. This robust email strategy elevates your brand's presence, ensuring you stand shoulder to shoulder with the most prominent names in the business.

Our approach is not just about sending emails; it's about forging connections. We meticulously craft each message to resonate with your prospective clients, ensuring that every word speaks directly to their needs and interests. By tailoring our strategy to the unique contours of your business landscape, we create a bridge between you and your audience, one personalized email at a time.

Embrace the power of strategic communication with our targeted email outreach. Let us help you turn prospects into partners and opportunities into successes. Start the conversation today and watch as your business unfolds into its most prosperous chapter yet.

From a technical standpoint, we simply need to supply the news API with a precise set of keywords to locate the exact content required for your posts.

We collaborate with your company to help determine those keywords.

An overabundance of advertisements can clutter a social feed and turn it unattractive.

However, there's merit in periodically sharing your goals with your audience.

Striking the right balance with high-quality social posts that provide value, interspersed with well-timed calls to action, can create a dynamic and engaging online presence.

This strategy not only showcases your expertise but also subtly guides your followers towards desired actions, fostering a community that appreciates both your content and your offerings.

The trio of social media posts we offer serves to establish your expertise in your industry. It is the combination of these informative posts with a direct call-to-action that enables us to drive sales through this marketing strategy.


You have the freedom to select any LinkedIn accounts for our use. It is advisable to regularly check the chosen account(s) for any incoming responses.

Simply reposting news articles to your social feed may not provide significant value, as anyone can search for news online.

However, by leveraging the capabilities of advanced AI, such as chatbots, we can distill the essence of these articles into concise, engaging summaries.

This not only makes the content more digestible for your audience but also adds a unique perspective that differentiates your posts from straightforward news reports.

By doing so, we enhance the user experience on your platform, offering curated content that informs, entertains and generates healthy discussions to retains audience interest.

3 social media posts + 1 advert per day (using ChatGPT).

In collaboration with two cutting-edge API platforms, and chatGPT, we embark on a journey to tailor content that resonates with your industry's heartbeat. Our process begins with a deep dive into your specific sector, identifying the news that matters most to you and your audience.

Once we've gathered the latest and most pertinent information, we channel it through the sophisticated algorithms of chatGPT. Here, the raw data is transformed into content that's not only polished but also captivating and thought-provoking.

The result? A suite of posts that are finely tuned to engage your readers, sparking conversations and driving interest. This isn't just content creation—it's content curation and enhancement at its finest, ensuring that what you share is always relevant, always engaging, and always a step above the rest.

Our sophisticated software takes the essence of your messaging and strategically schedules it for optimal impact. Once integrated, it begins by extending LinkedIn invitations to your potential leads.

Upon their acceptance, it initiates a carefully crafted sequence of messages, each one meticulously designed to engage and nurture these connections, ultimately steering them towards new sales opportunities for your business.

This automated yet personalized approach ensures that your outreach is consistent, professional, and effective, paving the way for successful conversions and business growth.

You can see how the software actually sequences this process here:

Personalized messaging on LinkedIn stands out as the premier strategy for generating new sales, and here's why:

When you send a personalized message, you're engaging with a potential client on a human level. This approach demonstrates that you've taken the time to understand their needs and interests, which can build trust and rapport. Unlike generic marketing blasts, personalized messages can resonate with the recipient, making them feel valued and more open to what you have to offer.

Moreover, LinkedIn is a platform where professionals seek meaningful connections and opportunities. A well-crafted, individualized message aligns perfectly with this intent, increasing the likelihood of a positive response. By tailoring your communication, you're not just selling a product or service; you're offering a solution that fits their unique professional scenario.

In essence, personalized LinkedIn messages can effectively convert prospects into customers by:

• Creating a personal connection: Showing genuine interest in their challenges and goals.

• Standing out in their inbox: Custom messages are more likely to be read and remembered.

• Demonstrating expertise: By addressing their specific needs, you position yourself as an expert who can provide value.

• Encouraging engagement: Personalized calls to action are more compelling and can lead to meaningful conversations.

In today's digital marketplace, where personal touch is often lost, personalized LinkedIn messages bring it back, making them a powerful tool for driving new sales.

The introductory offer allows the use of a single LinkedIn account.  If you want to use more, we can send you a slide-deck offering more enterprise level solutions.

No LinkedIn automation tool available today is equipped with its own database, and here's why that matters:

LinkedIn imposes restrictions on the number of searches users can conduct. When other software exhausts your account's search limit, the process grinds to a halt. Without a steady stream of profiles, the sending of invites ceases, and consequently, so does engagement.

Our software stands apart by its ability to consistently acquire LinkedIn profiles, independent of your search limitations. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of profiles for your networking needs.

30 LinkedIn Invites / Approx 100 messages per day.

Our service is designed to maximize your LinkedIn presence by strategically sending up to 100 tailored messages each day. This ensures consistent engagement with your network and potential leads, fostering relationships and opportunities for your business growth.

Additionally, each week, we promise to enhance your LinkedIn circle by seamlessly integrating up to 100 new connections. This strategic expansion is designed to broaden your business horizons and unlock new collaborative potentials.

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