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A simple four step strategy that just works.

A unique strategy already guaranteed to get you business!

Generating leads for your business is easy when you have these 4 essentials!

1. Data Services. You need reliable, current, and relevant data to run any successful marketing or sales campaign. We provide all the data you will ever need.

2. LeadHootz App. You need a powerful automation tool to turn good data into quality leads and sales. A tool that can reach, engage, and send eager prospects your way.

3. Success Templates. You don't need to start from scratch. Our free templates include proven methods (messages, sequences, and timings) that work.

4. Data Cleansing. All the actions in 1, 2, and 3 above feed back into the overall process, ensuring all data is cleaned, verified, and updated automatically by the entire LeadHootz community. This way, you only connect with ready and available prospects.

Take advantage of multi-channel opportunities to find your ideal prospects

Massive outreach augmented with the worlds best social platforms

Reach 1000's of prospects a day with our multi-channel outreach tools augmented LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Takes only seconds to setup a fully integrated outreach program

Hit on all the major contact points.

Using all of the major contact points ensures you have a greater chance of reaching your target prospects.  Not everyone uses social media, not everyone uses email and not everyone reads texts.  But you can be sure everyone uses at least one of the above.

No need for InMails, paid lists or data services.

With access to every email possible, you will never to need to pay for LinkedIn InMails again.  No need for expensive data lists and data services like Lusha, DataLabs or LeadIQ.  Our service already includes all of the same data as all of these major services combined.  Learn more

If you've taken time to build up valuable connections, now's the time to jump on board.

Message all existing prospects

Set up message sequences to all of your connections across all major social media platforms easily. Our flexible message template with plenty of variables and custom fields allows to you to sound personal.  Learn more.

Ensuring your LinkedIn interaction mimics your own style of communication

Intelligent Auto Responders

The easiest way to send follow-ups to newly added connections and skip those who replied already.  Learn more.

Anyone who's anyone know's the importance of networking

Expand Your Social Network

Select 2nd & 3rd level contacts from LinkedIn search or upload Profile links.   Automatically add friends on Facebook and follow new prospects on Twitter with customisable connection requests.

Keeping your account private and secure at all times

Safe and undectable automation

LeadHootz is a smart web-browser, which mimics real human behaviour by clicking buttons or typing messages without inserting any of its code into LinkedIn

Split testing your approach has never been easier

Not sure about the best way to engage with your prospects?  Using our advanced editor you can devise multiple split tests that will enable you to work out which approach works best over time.

Switch your new 1st connections over to email

Email Integration

Most of the time when you engage with someone on social media they will ask you to send them an email.  Why not automate this based on specific rules. Learn more.

Cover your bases with the most responsive marketing medium available.

SMS and WhatsApp Integration

With a 94% response rate and access to the mobile numbers of everyone we target, it would be a waste not to send them a friendly follow up either via SMS or WhatsApp.  

Email verification without the fuss.

Integrated Email Verification

Email marketing without email verification is fraught with risks.  Our email verification features ensure that all of your emails are ready to go.

Lead generation on steroids

Automate your work with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and WhatsApp

Grow your network

Automatically invite targeted 2nd & 3rd level contacts, Facebook friends and Twitter follows with a personal note

Build smart message chains

Auto-responder to newly added connections and drip campaigns for chain messaging with reply detection

Daily Reports

Customise your reports to ensure you get the information you need.

Crystal Ball Sales

Need to be 100% sure of generating leads?  Visit our templates that provide statistics for guaranteed sales across all major industries.

Get the nearest thing to a crystal ball

Successful campaigns powered by proven templates

Most business owners fall within a set of typical industries and will often be targeting the same types of prospects with a similar offering or service.  A pre-defined template leverages the best practices for engaging those prospects by using months of feedback to ensure the template consistently delivers favourable results again and again.

A template is set of schedules that have been optimised through months of trial and error to ensure that your messaging occurs at the right time and with a message that's proven to generate an high rate of favourable responses.  Each template will contain an invite, follow-up and set of auto-responder schedules.

You simply create a new campaign, insert your prospect list and then upload your chosen template to your new campaign.

The templates section display's real time statistics taken from the accounts of 1000's of live users.  Each template has a set auto-responders that know how to respond when a user signals interest, indifference or non interest.  We simply upload this data to the same template in the templates section as the one used by the real time customer.

Windows download (Free)

Try it now for £89.50 per month

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