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20 Successful LinkedIn Messages.

Unlocking LinkedIn's Sales Potential: A Strategic Guide

Mastering LinkedIn Sales Messages: Your Blueprint for Converting Connections into Profitable Sales

If you've picked up this guide, you're already on the path to LinkedIn success. Congratulations! Our concise manual is designed to navigate you past the common pitfall of accumulating connections without converting them into tangible business outcomes. The key to leveraging LinkedIn for maximum profit lies in transitioning potential clients from the platform to personal interactions, such as phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Shortly, you'll gain access to 20 proven message templates that will empower you to engage your LinkedIn connections and encourage dialogue (assuming you're already versed in profile creation and networking). But before we dive in, let's consider some critical guidelines.

Here's a professional rewrite of the LinkedIn messaging guidelines:
Essential LinkedIn Messaging Principles

Be Concise and Direct:

Efficiency is key. Craft your messages to be brief and to the point, valuing your recipient's time as much as your own.

Avoid Apologies in Your Opening:

Starting with 'sorry to bother you' undermines your message. Instead, begin with confidence and purpose.

Emphasize Value Over Features:

Your message should not be a showcase of your company's history or service features. Aim to assist, provide value, foster rapport, and offer risk-free benefits that entice prospects to engage in further conversation.

Single Call-to-Action:

Conclude with a clear call-to-action. Whether it's a phone call or a meeting, request one specific action, not multiple.

Sell the Conversation, Not the Product:

LinkedIn is not the place for hard selling. Encourage prospects to take the first step towards a dialogue. Offer compelling reasons for them to invest time in a conversation with you, saving the detailed sales pitch for a more appropriate setting.

Personalization is Crucial:

Demonstrate genuine interest by personalizing your message. Reference a detail from the recipient's profile—be it an opinion, experience, or skill—to establish a positive connection.

Apply Face-to-Face Selling Techniques:

The most successful LinkedIn strategies mirror effective in-person selling tactics. The same principles that drive face-to-face sales success apply to LinkedIn interactions.

Diversify Your Sales Channels:

LinkedIn should complement, not replace, your other sales efforts. It's an excellent tool for identifying prospects and initiating conversations, but it works best in conjunction with traditional prospecting, networking, and calling activities.

By adhering to these principles, you can optimize your LinkedIn messaging strategy to foster meaningful connections and drive business success.

LinkedIn's Ascendancy in B2B Communications Post-Acquisition

Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016 for £20.25 billion, LinkedIn's prominence as a cornerstone of business-to-business communication has been on an upward trajectory. The sales professionals who will excel are those who commit to mastering LinkedIn and the nuances of social selling.

Persistence Pays in Business Interactions

It's essential to remember that a lack of response to your LinkedIn messages can be attributed to various factors, most of which are unrelated to a disinterest in your offerings. In the realm of B2B sales, persistence is often where the true value lies. When in doubt about following up, the answer is to proceed. Continue your follow-up efforts until you receive a definitive response.

Effective Communication Over Perfection

While refining your messages is beneficial, it's crucial to remember that an average message that is delivered outperforms the perfect message that remains unsent. When faced with non-responsive LinkedIn contacts, you have two viable options:

1. Persistently follow up using all available communication channels until you secure a clear affirmative or negative.
2. Shift your focus to another prospect.

Approaching follow-ups with courtesy and professionalism, with the intent to assist, will not be bothersome. On the contrary, it may well earn you admiration and respect for your tenacity.

Tailoring Your LinkedIn Messages for Maximum Impact

It's crucial to remember that while the message examples provided are universal, their effectiveness hinges on your personalization. Tailor them to reflect your unique voice, your industry's nuances, and your business's ethos to truly resonate with your audience. Authenticity trumps generic sales pitches—your messages should feel like a one-on-one conversation with your prospect.

This collection is not exhaustive but rather a springboard for crafting compelling messages that underscore the value of engaging with you beyond LinkedIn. Encourage seamless communication by including your contact details, such as a phone number, in your messages.

I advocate for the use of efficient scheduling tools like and to streamline appointment setting. These platforms empower potential clients to select a convenient time to converse, eliminating the back-and-forth typically associated with scheduling calls.

Leverage these 20 foundational message templates as a starting point. Adapt and infuse them with your personal flair and strategic objectives to enhance your LinkedIn presence and sales endeavors.

Now, the list I promised.

Hi [first name], [Explain why you’re getting in touch] We have a new [product description] that [explanation of the value you offer]. I’m certain we can [explain the benefits you deliver in more detail]. Are you available for a 15-minute chat at [time and date]?


Hi Lucy, Hope you’re well. I got your details from Craig on your stand at the Consumer Electronics Expo. (I think you were in a meeting at the time). I have something helpful. We have a new hand tool that, on average, cuts the installation time for wall-mounted plasma screens by 50%. I’m certain you could drastically reduce the average call-out time, and cost, for your technicians’ new installation appointments. Are you available for a 10- minute call next Tuesday morning, around 11am? Whether you decide it's worth investigating or not, I can explain exactly how it works, no problems either way. NOTE: Many Linkedin messages come across as generic so always include even a small detail that leaves a prospect under no doubt that your message was meant for them and that you value them enough to take a few moments to research their profile. As you'll see later in this guide, establishing likability with your prospect is essential to getting the most from Linkedin.

Hi [first name], [Build rapport based on something in their profile]. I’ve worked with several [your prospect’s profession]. Most of them [common area of strength] but [common pain point]. I’ve helped [what you do and the value it creates]. If [known pain point] is something you’ve had issues with, I think I can help. If we can talk for [time period], I can [additional benefit]. 


Hi Soraya, Totally agree with what you said about team work in your profile. So important. I’ve worked with several professional speakers over the last few years. Most of them do very well financially but often have very uneven cash-flow cycles which makes planning frustrating and potentially inaccurate. I’ve helped 17 speakers monetise their talks into online training programmes so they have additional and very stable additional income streams using nothing but their existing material. If cashflow is something you’ve had issues with, I think I can help.

Hi (first name), I noticed we’re both connected to [name of mutual Linkedin connection]. Do you know him well? [How you know the mutual connection]. [Reason you’re getting in touch]. We have a new tool that will [summary of benefits]. I know that [your product] will be able to help your team [overall value]. Are you free for a quick call [time and date]? 


Hi Leslie, I noticed we’re both connected to Jason Lewis. Do you know him well? I used to go on site visits with him when I started as a rep at Genisys Systems. Just wanted to get in touch because I saw the news story about your new export order in Adhesives Weekly. We have a new treatment tool called LaserSolve that is specifically designed to work with solvents more commonly found in US and European markets without the need for plasma surface pre-treatments. I’m certain that LaserSolve will be able to help your team win more overseas orders.

Hi (first name), [Build rapport based on something in their profile]. I do a lot of work in [your target industry] and heard you’ve [company action]. Often, when that happens [business issue] becomes a priority. The same thing happened at [name of well-known customer] last year and I helped them avoid [common problem] and secure [desirable benefit]. If we can talk, I can explain exactly how. How does [time and date] sound?


Hi Marion, Just saw you have a degree in jurisprudence. Wondered what got you interested in that subject? I do a lot of work in data integration and read an article in DataMonthly that you've started an affiliate programme. Generally, when that happens live data-sharing across mobile devices becomes a priority. The same thing happened at SwiftMobile last year and I helped them avoid a single device going off-stream during the integration changeover and secure a 17% increase in bandwidth. If we can talk, I can explain exactly how you can do the same.

Hi [first name], [Build rapport based on profile information] [Offer unconditional help] [Don't ask for anything in return (yet)] 


Hi Emilio, Big respect on winning the small business award last year. Always impressed by people who take the plunge into entrepreneurship. If there's anyone in my network you'd like to speak to, please just ask and I'll see how I can put you in touch. I do quite a lot of networking in the transport sector so I might have some useful contacts for you. Never know unless you ask. Look forward to keeping in touch. NOTE: You can always follow-up with a more direct approach later. For now, a message of unconditional help will leave a good impression and be visible in your prospect's Linkedin inbox every time you send them a message in the future. Creating a sense of reciprocity by being seen to help is a powerful influencing tool – and good thing to do anyway.

Hi [first name], I’m a friend of [name of mutual connection; especially one you both know very well]. [Reason mutual connection things you should talk] Have you got 10 minutes [time and date]?


Hi Ned, I’m a friend of Lewis Ferguson. He said he thought it would be useful for us to talk. He thinks I could help with your finance restructuring project. Have you got 10 minutes next Tuesday morning? NOTE: By involving other people in your message, you can leverage psychology in your favour. People don't like to let acquaintances down and will, all other things being equal, be more likely to talk if other people want it to happen. The phenomenon has been popularised by Harvard professor Mark S. Granovetter and is known as 'the power of weak ties', in relation to the weak social relationships it is built on.

Hi [first name], Could you tell me who’s in charge of making sure [benefit your ideal customers want]? What’s the best way to get in touch with them please?


Hi Lucille, Could you tell me who’s in charge of training your new salespeople? Especially in terms of making they’re delivering an ROI as quickly as possible after they start? What’s the best way to get in touch with them please? NOTE: Getting someone from within a company to recommend who to speak to and how to get in touch with them can be an effective tool for building internal relationships and identifying decision- makers and influencers within decision-making teams. It mirrors the cold call tactic of calling managing directors to ask who to speak to about a given business area. Once you have the person's name, you can then call the decision-maker and legitimately explain that the managing director suggested you speak; making it more likely they will take your calls.

Hi [first name], [Build rapport based on something in their profile] [Ask questions that tap into buying triggers] [Explain a benefit for answering your questions]


Hi Sarah, That testimonial from Elton Flatly on your profile is very impressive. I'm doing some research into how Lichfield can increase employment through growth of its hospitality service sector. What would you say is your biggest obstacle to growth over the next 12 months? If you can answer three questions in this very short survey ( I can share what other managing directors in the area are saying. In the past it's been very candid and useful background research. NOTE: Ask the right questions and your prospects will, in answering them, give you invaluable insights into their pain points and buying motivations. Keep the surveys short and targeted and you can effectively discover exactly what would make them buy. SurveyMonkey is a brilliant tool for creating questionnaires to send to your Linkedin contacts. 

Hi [first name], I also do a lot of work in [target sector] and I used to work at [shared former employer]. I think I might have some useful contacts for you if you’ve got 10 minutes free to talk next week? How about [time and date]? 


Hi Jemima, Like you, I do a lot of work in the fintech sector. I saw you used to work at Genisys Power. Did you know Connie Huq? I think I might have some useful contacts for you if you’ve got 10 minutes free to talk next week? How about 2pm next Tuesday? NOTE: The more personal interest you can show you've taken in researching the people you message the better. Look for any ideas, opinions, statements, facts, recommendations, career history or endorsements in a person's profile that you can mention in a positive and friendly way to build rapport in your messages. Research by Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy shows likability is more important in people deciding whether to trust you than competence; and this is extra important in Linkedin messages. EXAMPLE Questions? Get free help from George Robinson at:, George +44 (0)75890 677343 [email protected]

Hi [first name], We’ve never spoken before but Linkedin says we’ve got [number of connections in common]. I feel pretty sure we’ll have some useful contacts and ideas for each other. Would be great to grab 10 minutes on the phone with you to find out how we can help each other. Can I call you this [time and date]? P.S. [Build rapport based on something in their profile] 


Hi Wladimir, We’ve never spoken before but Linkedin says we’ve got 73 connections in common. Pretty sure we’ll have some useful contacts and/or ideas for each other. Would be great to grab 10 minutes on the phone with you to find out how we can help each other. Can I call you this Thursday afternoon for 10 minutes? P.S. Totally agree with what you said in your profile about conflict resolution. You reminded me that I need to register for a training programme at work. Thanks for the reminder 😊

Hi [first name], [Attention-grabbing honesty]. [What you’d like in return] [Reason you’re getting in touch and the benefit you can deliver]. [Evidence the solution you offer actually works]. [Compelling reason for prospect to give you their time].


Hi Jason, You probably don’t like dishonesty so I’ll admit that this *is* a sales pitch. In return, I’d be extremely grateful if you could simply give me a yes or no to a free, zero-obligation 10-minute call. I’ve looked through your last annual report and I believe I can save you at least £37,000 on your inventory costs with a new reverse logistics set-up. It’s already being used at three facilities in Austria where it’s saved an average of €44,670. If I can speak to you for 10 minutes and clarify three key criteria, I can tell you with a high degree of certainly if it will work in the UK or not. Worth 10-minutes of your time to find out? NOTE: The best way to build trust with prospects is to be honest; even if it's about the fact you want to sell to them. Brutal honesty is rare, disarming, attention-grabbing and builds powerful trust.

Hi [first name], I have an idea that will take less than 3 minutes to explain that will [very big benefit]. It’s already been used by [competitor] to achieve [result]. Do you have 10 minutes for a phone call on [time and date]?


Hi Rupert, I have an idea that will take less than 10 minutes to explain that will help you cast 2,500m2 of carbon nanotubes in a /single pressing so you can completely eliminate all post-production treatments. It’s already been used by Redux Technologies to increase factory throughput by 47%. Do you have 10 minutes for a phone call on July 13th (the day of the Guild of Engineers annual dinner)?

Hi [first name], We worked with [namedrop your trophy clients] in [target industry] last year. I think there’s a way we can help you [known appealing benefit] without [known problem]. Worth a quick chat? To save the hassle of agreeing a time to call, it’s probably easier if you use this link and choose a time that works for you: [Appointment booking software link]. 


Hi Rupert, This will sound a bit braggy but we arranged  Sir Robert Kelly, Dr Irfan Khalid and Caz Jabeen to speak at five regional chemical engineering conferences this summer. I think there’s a way we can help you get some heavyweight speakers for your autumn events without chewing up your budget. Worth a quick chat? To save the hassle of agreeing a time to call, it’s probably easier if you use this link and choose a time that works for you: [Appointment booking software link]

Hi [first name], [Build rapport based on something in their profile]. [initial screening question that helps qualify a prospect]


Hi Diego, I noticed your profile while I was researching some contacts for a new project I’m working on. Happy birthday for yesterday, by the way! Probably a long-shot but do you take part in purchasing auctions for your supplier contracts? NOTE: One of the world's most successful life insurance salesmen attributed his success to asking a very simple question: Do you feel responsible for your family's security? He would not waste his time speaking to prospects who did not feel particularly responsible for their family's well-being after they died. He would only focus on people who said yes because he knew they would see the value in insurance and would be much more likely to value his services. Work out what question pre-qualifies your best prospects and ask as many potential customers as you can on Linkedin. Only follow-up with those who answer yes.

Hi [first name], [Reason you’re getting in touch that mentions the competition positively]. I run a service almost exactly the same as [name of competitor] except [key differentiator] which means [key benefit]. [Risk free trial offer]. Does [time and date] work for you?


Hi Dylan, I just noticed your website is using Ixion Software firewalls. I’m sure it’s working well as it’s a very good product. I run a service almost exactly the same as Ixion’s except it’s available on a PAYG model which means there’s no upfront investment every time you get a new licence. A lot of companies, including Korus and WebVictus, find it dramtically reduces costs with the same level of service and no switchover issues. If one of our team can visit your office next month, we can set you up for a totally free two-month trial in about 20 minutes. Does 7th July work for you?  EXAMPLE Questions? Get free help from George Robinson at:, George +44 (0)75890 677343 [email protected]

Hi [first name], I saw [company news]. It got me thinking about the possibility of [known problem]. I found this article about [subject of article] that I think might be helpful: [link to article]. What do you think? [Specific question]


Hi Marcel, I saw your board announcement this week about the voluntary redundancies. It got me thinking about the possibility of redeploying staff to your packaging site. I found this article about the skills shortage in the laminating sector that I think might be helpful: What do you think? Do you think ACME Corp should have faced criminal charges? NOTE: Offering help or expressing opinions on Linkedin helps make sure you're remembered and increases the chances of people taking your calls - even if it means you have to remind them initially. Studies in the US show that simply mentioning you're in the same Linkedin group as someone you're calling dramatically increases the chance of a cold call converting into a booked sales meeting. In the same way, focussing on helping people in your network generates an ever-growing series of reciprocal opportunities for you

Hi [first name], [Encourage prospect to do what you don't want] {Reason for your call] [Encourage prospect to do what you don't want]


Hi Atil, I know you'll probably ignore this message as you probably get a lot. If you do notice it, I'd like to explain a way you could get double the volume of storage into a third of the floor footprint at your Luton warehouse. It will only take 5 minutes to explain and you can probably implement it even if you never spoke to me again. Can I call you at 2:30pm on Wednesday? If you don’t think it’s worth a few minutes to find out how, I totally understand, no worries. NOTE: Most people don't like to be told what to do. By suggesting someone will ignore your message, they may be more likely to not ignore it. The same strategy can be used brilliantly in cold calls by telling people they're probably going to hang up. In 90% of cases, it ensures they don't. 

Hi [first name], [Build rapport based on something in their profile] [If I, would you request]


Hi Bipasha, Didn’t realise you went to Leeds Uni too. Your profile says you were there two years after me. Small world! Just tried giving you a call but couldn’t get through. If I could send you a free sample of our laser-cut stone engravings, would you give me 10 minutes of your time on the phone next Tuesday at 3pm? NOTE: The 'if I, would you?' structure is a classic persuasion technique based on the work of Dr Robert Cialdini and his research into reciprocity and other factors controlling people's influence. In this case, people are more likely to agree to your requests if they feel they're returning a favour, after you've done something for them – even if what you did for them was a tiny favour in comparison to what you want them to do for you; countless studies show the rule of reciprocity still applies.

Hi [first name], [Build rapport based on something in their profile] [Reason for your call] [Ask for a call-back]


Hi Darius, Just saw you’ve got an endorsement for speaking Swahili. Habari va asubuhi! I tried calling earlier but didn’t manage to get through. I was calling to ask how you outsource your supply chain management. As mentioned in my voicemail, I will try you again on Wednesday afternoon. Or you can give me a call on 07590 677343. NOTE: Following up unanswered sales calls on Linkedin is a brilliant tactic because it helps put a face to the voice on a person's answerphone and makes you stand out; especially if it was a cold call where they wouldn't otherwise remember you.

Hi [first name], I noticed you looked at my Linkedin profile. [Question about why they looked]. [Remind them of benefits you deliver] [Compelling and risk free reason to talk] 


Hi Sarah, I noticed you looked at my Linkedin profile. It usually means people are either trawling Linkedin because they're bored at work or they’re HR managers frustrated with managing disciplinary claims. If it’s the second one, I can help and it won’t cost you anything until you decide it’s exactly what you’re looking for. If it's the first, no problem, I've been there myself. I know you probably get a lot of Linkedin messages so I don’t want to waste your time. It’ll take 15 minutes to explain how I helped Axiom Insurance cut disciplinary hearings by 18% in one month. And you can probably use the same method even if you don’t think there’s a fit between what we do. Worth a quick chat? WARNING: Asking people why they looked at your profile is often a waste of time because, in reality, most people have no idea and, when asked, will simply not reply rather than admit they can't remember. Try to use humour to your advantage instead to encourage a response.



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