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Using virtual machines (Azure) Pt1

In order to follow the video you will need to create a Microsoft Azure account.

You can also use other cloud providers such as Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.

If you prefer to run LeadHootz directly on a Mac you can use a Windows emulator.

It's often easier to run LeadHootz on a virtual machine if:

  • you don't have windows PC, i.e. a Mac or Linux machine.
  • you don't want to run the application on your desktop or laptop
  • need to be able to access LeadHootz remotely and need your service to running 24x7


The nearer the better.  Having your cloud provider as close as possible when using your social media platforms is more normal.

Most cloud providers charge on the basis of usage.  Microsoft Azure call's this compute time.  Your monthly costs are calculated based on the amount of time your virtual machine is running, so if you can turn it off when not being used, do so.

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